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22.03.2014Rank seven at the last Team competition this season

In the last Team competition the Czech Team finished on rank seven. At the HS 139 hill in Planica it was quite rainy and windy and not all of them had equal conditions.


Nevertheless the Team with Koudelka, Hajek, Matura and Janda were coming up in the second round as fifth. But Koudelkas second jump was not enough to keep this with just 104,5m due to problems with the inrun. That caused that they finished on rank seven. The Team from Austria won ahead of Poland and Norway. The spectators also saw the hill record from Zyla on 141m.


Tomorrow will be the last Individual competitio for them.


Also the Ladies were jumping in Plania and finished their Worldcup season.


17 year old Sara Takanashi from Japan got the victory in the Overall-ranking. From 18 races she won 15.

She was the only Lady there who jumped further than 130m (135 and 132,5m). On the podium also Julia Claire and Itova. Best Czech was Michaela Dolezelova on rank 26. In the Overall-ranking she finished as 32th.


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21.03.2014Winner in Planica today is Skiflying champion Severin Freund. Koudelka on rank 18

For several years now Planica is the host of the last Worlcup races. Today not with Skiflying but on the HS 139.


Some kind of Deja-vu was the podium today with the same athletes as at the Skiflying Worldchampionships in Harrachov. New Champion Severin Freund with two jumps on 137,5m and new hill record at that time. Behind him Anders Bardal (136,5 and 134,5m) and Peter Prevc (129 and 134,5m).


Severin Freund who is simply in the best shape now: "I feel that I am in really best shape now. These are the last moments of the Season and I want to enjoy it."


Crystal globe for Kamil Stoch

After todays race it is official that Kamil Stoch is the winner in the Overall ranking. No one is able to beat him in the last race on Sunday and he is leading ahead of the second - Severin Freund - with 147 points.


The Czechs all reached todays race except Lukas Hlava. Best of them was Koudelka on rank 18 with 124 and 125,5m. He was also the only one in the second round. Janda was 31st, Antonin Hajek was 42nd and Matura 44th. Also not in the second round Kozisek.


A part of the Team is missing there with David Jiroutek who is at home because he and his companian are waiting for the birth of their second child. Therefore he wants to be with her.


On Saturday will be the Team race. The Czech Team will participate with Hajek, Janda, Matura and Koudelka. Competitions starts at 11.00. Also the Ladies will jump at 9.00 and for the Czech Team Michaela Dolezelova will be there.


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18.03.2014Bad conditions but compliments for the Organisators

It was the biggest Sport event in 2014. The Skiflyingchampionships in Harrachov were not held as planned even it was so elaborated.


The nature was not the best friend of the Organisators these days. A lack of snow before the races made them to produce a lot of artificial snow to prepare the Mammut-Hill and get it ready short before the start. "The hill is great. We know about the effects and we see that this feels like summer around here so what they did is fantastic. It must have been a lot of work and there was no snow flake at all" says Matura after the Qualification.


Also Walter Hofer give compliments to the Team "Under these difficult conditions which have been there, the hill is great prepared. A big thank you to the Organisation Team who worked there. We want to reach the Fans directly there but also everyone who is watching this on TV. Skijumping is on a high level and needs a good athmosphere".


The guests on the new tribunes enjoyed the concact to the athletes and a programm full of music, fireworks and effects. "I was surprised about what is done for the spectators and I liked the show of Michal David and the opening ceremony. When I compare it to the show in Sochi which was more for the people on TV than here it was the other way round and therefore I enjoyed it a lot" says Jakub Michael, the General secretary.


After a good Qualification and two rounds on Friday the weather changed into heavy wind and rain which was still there until the end on Sunday. "For almost two months we were almost able to stand here in swimming outfits and then comes the days were five years of a vision and three years of hard work are shortly were washed away. But that is Harrachov " says R. Jozifek from the OK.


David Jiroutek who spend of lot time of his life here "me who was living there for about 20 years and I see that for 14 days it was so nice weather there. I haven´t seen this often and then this. So due to this I more and more appreciate the results and jumping from Friday."


Clas Brede Brath, Sportdirector of Skijumping in Norway, sends a warm thank you the OK and says "it is a shame what happend with the weather but that gives just the chance to say thank you for the hard work the OK did." 


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17.03.2014Entrance fee won't be refunded

Dear Ski Flying Friends,


We really appreciate that you visited our FIS Ski Flying World Championships in Harrachov in such
a large number.


Same as you, we are so sorry for the weather which thwarted the Saturday and Sunday race. For these cases we always want to prepare an adequate accompanying program for the fans like compensation for a bad weather conditions.  The price of tickets was settled on the possible lowest level for fans to have a chance to watch such an impressive performance during the Opening Ceremony or during the concert of Visage with Synthosymfonica. Regular price would be in this case two times higher.


The storm which came to Harrachov during the weekend was a unique phenomenon and it raged a big part of Europe. Nobody could expect it. 


With regrets we have to insist on conditions which were laid down before the ticket sale and we have to advise you that the entrance fee will not be refunded. All fans were informed about this fact as well it was mentioned on the tickets.


On the other hand we hope that this is some kind of support from fans same as it is in Oberstdorf
or in Vikersund, so we could stay in Harrachov for the future despite on bad luck in last couple years.



Thank you for understanding,


Rostislav Jozífek

President LOC WCH 2014                


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16.03.2014Too strong wind- team competition canceled

It was not a good day for ski jumping. After the cancelations at the COC in Nizhniy Tagil and the ladies' World Cup in Falun, also the team competition at the ski flying World Championships became a victim of the bad weather.


A ski flying event was not possible at the Certak hill due to strong wind and rain and so the jury, like already on Saturday, had to decide to cancel the competition.


Video-Interview with race director Walter Hofer


"We already knew yesterday that it would be difficult. Today we had no chance to prepare the hill and even think about ski flying. It was just not possible", FIS race director said after the cancelation.


Already the individual competition in Harrachov was decided after two of four rounds, because the wind was too strong on Saturday as well. 


News: Too strong wind on day 2 - Freund is World Champion »


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